Compassionate Obstetric and Gynecologic Care

From youth through the mature years…
Your body changes, and so do your health care needs.

Dr. Morrison understands that every woman takes a unique journey through the seasons of life. He is dedicated to providing the high-level medical attention all women deserve, including pregnancy care and childbirth, birth control and infertility services, mammograms and breast care, pelvic exams, PAP tests and other preventive screenings. Dr. Morrison also treats health concerns that can complicate life such as heavy bleeding, endometriosis, osteoporosis, menopause and incontinence.

The personable staff and Christian atmosphere at Dr. Morrison’s private practice will make you feel comfortable and cared for. Dr. Morrison works to earn his patients’ trust so that you’ll feel comfortable asking questions, sharing problems and building a long-term patient-doctor relationship.

Dr. Paul Morrison is trained in da Vinci® Surgical System Procedures

Medicaid and Medical Insurance
Please call Dr. Morrison's office with any health-related questions or questions regarding Medicaid and other medical insurance.

Pregnancy Care

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Dr. Paul W. Morrison